Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Night ride 30th March

Well it had been a filthy wet day, but four of us decided to go out anyway, So at 8.30 Robin, Keith Martin & Chris ventured out in to the night. Due to the amount of rain we had had, we stayed on road, With Keith in front we zoomed at a very fast pace with the 1st few miles averaging 20mph!. Bearing in mind the stiff 25mph that was all around us (but never behind) this was impressive. By the time we approached Rochford the wind was bearing round to the front of us, but we made the 10 miles to Rochford with an average of 14mph.
A quick stop of at Chris's mums in Rochford to reset her time switches for the BST and a cup of tea, we were off. This was fully into the wind and a real grind back to Rayleigh. We dipped into the country park for the last 5 miles hoping to find shelter against the wind, this had a limited benefit and we mad it home. 17 miles with an average of 11 mph not bad considering we are on MTBs. The only good thing about the bad weather was lack of traffic.We now only have just over a month to get fit for our Essex 60 mile cycle.....its coming too quick!

Slow Cycle saturday

As we all had a busy weekend and aheavy saturday night approaching. We thought we'd go for a quick blast Staurday afternoon. This was only 8 miles but mainly offroad. For some reason we were all knackered after the ride! I think our winter fitness regime has improved our stamina but not our strength.
We are sure that one offraod mile is equivilaent to 2 road miles (thats our excuse anyway). No incedents to report apart from the recent rain had made things very boggy in hockely woods

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Evening quick cycle

Chris had physio on his knee on Monday, so we thought we would take it easy. So a quick spin through the country park, up into Westcliff and follow the river to Belfairs woods. and back to Rayleigh. 13 miles in all, which is now a shortish ride for us now, we are more used to 16.-24!
A quiet ride the only noteworthy things being is that Chris is not good at taking it easy, toads are out in force on the off road bits (mating season?) and Martins tyres have sped him up no end.
We are thinking of entering the Bike Events Essex countryside cycle on the 2nd of May, this is 60 miles on road, so quite a challenge for us, but in a good cause for Little Havens Hospice. Will keep you posted

Monday, 22 March 2010

Sunday 21st Early

We decided to do an early one today, so 7am start around a new circuit for us. It was maily off road as it had rained the day before and the Essex clay was pretty slimey.
Martin swore blind he said 7.30 after we knocked on his door at 7am. (we have email proof it was 7am). So after a short delay we were off.
Martin had fitted some new tyres with a much less agressive profile (WTB's) This seems to have given him new energy and was racing up the hills like a whippet There were a few long slow grinds up the hills but the recent increase in cycling had put us in good sted. Thats the trouble with Essex, slow slow climbs
When we arrived back to battlesbridge we had done 17 miles and were all feeling pretty good so decided to add the extra part of Hullbridge in to get the folly Lane to St. Peters Chruch Hill. This may have been a hill too far for Chris as his knee is starting to hurt quite a lot for him, (off to the physio's on Monday.
All in all 24.5 miles, so a good ride by our standards

Last Thursdays cycle 18th March

Last Thursday we went for a 15.5 miles from rayleigh down to Southend and back.
There were only 3 of us this evening Robin, Martin and Chris

Reasonably old gits get fit

We are a bunch of middle age guys who are on the worse side of 40. We decided about 18 months ago to try to get a little fitter.
Our fitness levels vary from fat bastard to springer spaniel.
Up until Christmas we were going out once or twice a week either on or off road normally 10-12 miles with a little interval at a cafe for a light breakfast (toast honest!)
Last November we road the Peddars way in Norfolk which is 50 miles long and mainly on tracks (recommended for fairly unfit people like us).
Since New year the larger ones of us have decided to get fitter and loose weight properly.
This is a diary of our cycles and anything interesting that we can think of.