Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Evening quick cycle

Chris had physio on his knee on Monday, so we thought we would take it easy. So a quick spin through the country park, up into Westcliff and follow the river to Belfairs woods. and back to Rayleigh. 13 miles in all, which is now a shortish ride for us now, we are more used to 16.-24!
A quiet ride the only noteworthy things being is that Chris is not good at taking it easy, toads are out in force on the off road bits (mating season?) and Martins tyres have sped him up no end.
We are thinking of entering the Bike Events Essex countryside cycle on the 2nd of May, this is 60 miles on road, so quite a challenge for us, but in a good cause for Little Havens Hospice. Will keep you posted

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