Monday, 22 March 2010

Sunday 21st Early

We decided to do an early one today, so 7am start around a new circuit for us. It was maily off road as it had rained the day before and the Essex clay was pretty slimey.
Martin swore blind he said 7.30 after we knocked on his door at 7am. (we have email proof it was 7am). So after a short delay we were off.
Martin had fitted some new tyres with a much less agressive profile (WTB's) This seems to have given him new energy and was racing up the hills like a whippet There were a few long slow grinds up the hills but the recent increase in cycling had put us in good sted. Thats the trouble with Essex, slow slow climbs
When we arrived back to battlesbridge we had done 17 miles and were all feeling pretty good so decided to add the extra part of Hullbridge in to get the folly Lane to St. Peters Chruch Hill. This may have been a hill too far for Chris as his knee is starting to hurt quite a lot for him, (off to the physio's on Monday.
All in all 24.5 miles, so a good ride by our standards

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